Oh My Kate

Kate: Why do we have to go to school?
Me: To learn things.
K: What’s there to learn after you know your letters, your numbers?
Me: Kate, there are lots of interesting things to learn in school. Like math and science.
K: Math is just numbers.
Me: You go to school to learn about interesting things, and decide what you want to do when you grow up and work for a living.
K: Why do I have to work for a living?
Me: … You’ve got me there. For money, I guess.
K: Can’t I just have a baby and a house?
Me: Who’s going to pay for the baby and the house?
K: The plumber!

4 thoughts on “Oh My Kate

  1. Hey, my dad always said that it makes more sense to marry a plumber than a brain surgeon. You are more likely to have a plumbing emergency than a brain emergency, and the surgeon can’t operate on his own family anyway, but a plumber can work on his own house. And nowadays, we don’t have enough skilled labor because no one wants to learn a trade. A good plumber could make a very comfortable living. Kate’s got it all figured out!

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