Random Thoughts: The Little Earthquakes II Edition

1. A horrible, tragic thing happened in a city that I happen to love, at an event that had nothing to do with politics or government or anything, really, except for people’s love of running, and personal endurance and accomplishment. The facts are few, and are slowly trickling out, and will be slowly trickling out for days and months to come.

My thoughts and prayers are with every person affected by yesterday’s attack in Boston. What an awful, awful thing.

2. If you have a conspiracy theory about what happened in Boston, please do the world a favor, and shut the fuck up. And maybe have your head examined. I have no patience for you. You’re a terrible human being.

3. That’s my rant. Those are my two thoughts about the tragedy in Boston. It’s awful, and law enforcement should be left to do their jobs. The wild speculation from mainstream media is bad enough (talking heads: stop talking!), but the “false flag” theories that shoot up after something like this — those people should not be accredited any legitimate time or voice in our society, which is to say, don’t let them into press conferences.

4. In the meantime: Monday’s therapist appointment was canceled due to the therapist’s illness (which is fine; I hardly want to meet with a sick doctor!); it’s been rescheduled for tomorrow.

5. Dan and I need to buy a new car. Like, immediately. We’ve picked out some models we want to check out, and to be perfectly frank I would whore this blog out in a red hot minute to drive a Ford Flex. The logistics of the car-buying thing escape me, though. Can you buy a car over the Internet? Because that’s how I buy everything else these days.

6. Hey, WalMart? This is the stupidest thing ever to complain about after what happened to people in Boston yesterday, but it’s my space, so there ya go: The way your bagging area works doesn’t actually work. I abhor shopping at your stores anyway, and it’s always an act of the utmost desperation when I end up there. So to compound my unpleasant experience by having a bagging carousel where it is very, very, extremely easy to leave behind one (or more) of my purchases is infuriating. It’s insult to injury. Do something else.

Go find yourself some happiness today, readers. You all deserve it.