Remember me?

Anyhoo, same old story: sick children (viruses have been particularly rough on Casa di RPM this year), work deadlines (which are hard to meet when you have sick children), house in disarray.

Dan and I are also wondering if we’re so overwhelmed between home and work that we are each suffering some depression/anxiety that’s hurting our ability to deal with some things. An interesting fact I recently picked up is that anxious people have trouble falling asleep (not an issue for me, but is for Dan) and depressed people have trouble staying asleep (i.e. my dreaded 3 a.m. insomnia).

So, something else to keep an eye on.

All right. I’m off. Lots of work to do until Dan has to go to the office, then I have to nail down a sitter tonight for the two sickies so I can take Kate to soccer practice. Kate needs soccer practice, and I need her to go to soccer practice.

Any volunteers?

4 thoughts on “M.I.A.

  1. I feel for you, RPM. All of that stuff going on and possibly depression/anxiety along with it is the combination for misery. Please take care.

    There is a teenager in my household being treated for anxiety. I am so thankful that we have a great Behavioral Health department with our HMO. Only now that she is a few months into treatment do I realize how complex the problem is and how far reaching it’s effect on her life – socially and academically. Talk therapy has been eye opening and she very recently started medication. I was very hesitant about medication until I realized how much her symptoms kept her from being herself. Now I am incredibly happy that she may soon feel relief from her pain. I share this with you just hoping that you know others understand, and also maybe a little nudge to the person who takes care of everyone else…don’t let yourself get lost. *Hugs*

  2. Wish I could help. Kids love me. I’m like that big purple dinosaur without the suit.

    But I’m just as busy and in a similar “blue period.” It must be that time of year.

  3. I really wish I could. I remember how tough it was when our kids couldn’t drive themselves or walk or bike ( since they have access to cars they will not walk across the street). We limited our kids to one sport and one activity at a time, then if the kids overlap then he went to one and I went to the other. Sometimes work has to take a back seat; we made a choice not to take overtime or evening shifts while the kids were small. My mom never made any of my stuff as a kid and neither did his, and though it certainly didn’t kill us, we wanted to have different priorities. Their other mother only went to the stuff her favorite kid did, which became painfully obvious over time. Oh, and she never provided transportation; shed pick them up afterwards and act like Mom of the Year. Yeah, a little bitter.

  4. I’d tackle soccer duty for you (ex-ice hockey coach here), but I am headed off for the weekend, myself. Which is what you guys need.

    Take a deep breath and find something GOOD to cherish amidst the stress. I been there. I KNOW. (and I had a few other, not-for-public-consumption factors operating, too. Trust me that I know.)

    It DOES get better, so look for the good and remember to turn your face up to the sun this weekend and feel its touch. Sounds odd, but it’ll help. I promise.

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