Remember me?

Anyhoo, same old story: sick children (viruses have been particularly rough on Casa di RPM this year), work deadlines (which are hard to meet when you have sick children), house in disarray.

Dan and I are also wondering if we’re so overwhelmed between home and work that we are each suffering some depression/anxiety that’s hurting our ability to deal with some things. An interesting fact I recently picked up is that anxious people have trouble falling asleep (not an issue for me, but is for Dan) and depressed people have trouble staying asleep (i.e. my dreaded 3 a.m. insomnia).

So, something else to keep an eye on.

All right. I’m off. Lots of work to do until Dan has to go to the office, then I have to nail down a sitter tonight for the two sickies so I can take Kate to soccer practice. Kate needs soccer practice, and I need her to go to soccer practice.

Any volunteers?