The Pendulum Swings

Not to alarm anyone, but things are starting to fall apart at home a little bit. I’m a little bit flummoxed as how to stop the slip sliding away. This time. Because isn’t this an on-going theme?

Sleep less doesn’t seem like a good option. But it’s going that way.

(No, not with my marriage. And the kids are okay, I guess.)

I’m losing track of the details. Like yesterday, I thought it was a half day at my girls’ school. I made arrangements with my FIL to pick the girls up and take them to daycare (same daycare where M is).

At some point, though, the school changed the schedule because they had to make up a day from November. (I don’t even recall that they had a snow day in November.) So Tuesday became a full day, and Wednesday became a half day.

I didn’t read the memo. Literally, I didn’t read the email that noted the change. So when the school called asking why my FIL was there and were the girls supposed to have an early dismissal, my response was, “Didn’t you have a half day today?” *Ahem, no, it’s tomorrow.*

I am not on top of the shit, people.

Which is ironic, because *at work* I am on top of the shit. Maybe because there are fewer bodies around and someone has to be; maybe because I work with a team of people in similar straits as I; maybe because the interruptions are less random and more related to the task at hand.

Maybe because there’s less shit (or different shit, I’m not really sure).

Bills slip through the gaps, and get paid late. Things that should get done, don’t get done in a timely manner. (Usually, they eventually do get done. Usually.) The paper piles up. The house is… getting out of control again. We don’t have places to put things. We have too many things, and I don’t have time to purge. A decent level of cleanliness is present, but the clutter is starting to encroach.

However, I dutifully RSVP to every birthday party my children are invited to. Sometimes yea, sometimes nay. My priorities might be screwed up.

The girls are supposed to start soccer next week. This means two evenings of practice during the week (one for Kate, and one for Flora), and two games on Saturdays. I had originally signed them up thinking I could draft the nanny into helping at least one night a week. But her work hours changed, so she’s probably not available when I need her.

I’m trying not to panic about that. On the bright side, I see more fresh air and exercise in my future.

Oh, and we haven’t found a place to have the party for Flora’s First Holy Communion. I’m a little worried about that.

The good news is that I’m aware that my stress levels are pretty damn high. I have some regular chiropractic appointments scheduled, and I made a spa appointment for a Saturday in April. Next up is trying to get in some Pilates or yoga about twice a week. I found a great workout on demand. I want to get up in the morning and do it. At least once a week.

It’s hard to motivate myself to get up and do it, though. I am not a morning person. So how do I do it? I need to strengthen my core muscles, primarily so my back and hips stop aching all the time. But I lay there at 6 a.m., loathe to get out of bed to do a 26 minute routine. How can I do this? Internet, please help.

As for the rest of the stuff… I don’t know. I need to organize. I need time. I need a personal assistant!

Tell me something to cheer me up. Send puppy pictures. Whatever.

4 thoughts on “The Pendulum Swings

  1. I hear you. The anxiety is building up in my head, apparently. I dreamt last night that I went out for happy hour after work (I wish), and realized at 6:30 that I never picked up the kids.

    Anyway, this made my day yesterday:

  2. I start back to work FT on Monday, something I have not done since before my kid was born. There are many things that we will have to give up and that will change, including exercise (at least to the extent we did before), so I can feel your pain. How about praying and/or meditating and even reading some inspiration quotes? It helps me sometimes. Do you get a lunch hour? Can you take a walk then to clear your head and/or get caught up on school papers/emails/bills/whatever? I don’t have good advice for getting up early; I have no idea how people get by on five or six hours of sleep on a daily basis. Hang in there.

  3. oof. that’s a lot on your plate. I feel the same way about my own swirling life…I use a lot of mantras! The only way past it is through it…

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