Random Thoughts: The Insert Blog Post Here Edition

1. This is where I would like to tell you everyone is 100 percent healthy! Back in school and daycare, and I am back at my desk 8 or so hours every day, and no more sickness, yay!

But since I can’t tell you that, let’s just move along, shall we?

2. At least *KNOCK ON WOOD* this week has come with 100 percent less vomit and diarrhea.

3. It also comes with a meal at Meat & Potatoes Wednesday evening in downtown Pittsburgh, courtesy of my mother turning another year older. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you.

4. Flora and I high-fived over the fact that she is starting to learn multiplication.

5. After that homework high-point, last evening went all to heck. And I put everyone to bed at 7:30 p.m.

6. I am woefully out of touch with current events. I usually get my news on my commute or from Slate.com, which I gave up for Lent.

Yes, I gave up a website for Lent. It’s not so much the site itself, it’s the comment section. I can waste hours of time reading, commenting, and responding to other comments. Plus, sometimes, the subject matter of the article and/or the other commenters pissed me off. I’m better off. Although less informed.

I did hear about the Pope, though.

What else is happening, world?