Random Thoughts: The Norovirus Edition

1. I thought the kids had the flu. Because I am confused as to what the flu is, obviously. They don’t have the flu; they have norovirus.

2. The difference between the flu and norovirus: the flu is more respiratory, includes coughing, runny nose, chills, aches, and fever.

The norovirus includes fever, diarrhea, and vomit. Lots and lots of vomit. Buckets of vomit. And the diarrhea can last up to two weeks!

Okay, probably not buckets of vomit. Buckets of *laundry* definitely.

3. Speaking of laundry, I forgot how much I hated laundry. I hate laundry so much, I created the #laundrysucks hashtag on Twitter. My MIL — who is in Florida until Saturday — is worth every penny we pay her monthly to do all our laundry. This week has been especially challenging laundry-wise because vomit.

4. I have changed all the beds, here and at my ILs house (more on that in a second). I have changed M’s crib at least five times since Saturday. I am washing most of the bedspreads and comforter covers as well. Plus my FIL’s electric blanket.

5. M started over the weekend — actually, probably toward the end of last week. One of his daycare ladies mentioned the frequency and consistency of his BMs when I picked him up (in short, often and not ideal). I forget which day he woke up in his own puke (again). Sunday morning I think? I knew we were in trouble when we walked into the donut place in Crafton, and M let go a stream of … well, I’ll spare you the additional details. It came out of nowhere; he had been quite cheerful up to that point. Suddenly he was shivering and felt warm to the touch (although still pretty cheerful).

6. Actually, M was probably the least affected, mood wise, of the three kids. He remained pretty energetic, although he took long naps; he was cranky I wouldn’t feed him, because duh; he didn’t get all glassy-eyed with fever. Trying to explain to a 2-year-old why he can’t have something to eat is the very definition of futility.

7. Flora succumbed next (Monday at 3:30 a.m. to be exact); Kate started Tuesday after school.

At my in-laws.

When I was trying to get laundry done.

8. My plan, since Flora seemed to not be puking any longer (HA! but I will spare you further details), was to pick Kate up from school, go next door with the kids, and let them watch TV while I cooked dinner and did laundry. When we got to Bella and Tadone’s house, Kate went into the bathroom and was spitting in the toilet. I asked what was up. She said her stomach hurt, and she was trying to “spit it out” to “get it over with”.

I so wish that had worked.

It didn’t. Hence why I had to change bed dressings (on *both* beds) at my ILs. And, er, I still have to steam clean their bedroom rug. That’s tomorrow’s project.

When’s the last time your best-laid plans went to hell?

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Norovirus Edition

  1. I can’t imagine having to care for all the chilluns with those kinds of symptoms. Sounds like trying to catch up to the end of a treadmill.

    Sure hope you don’t get it too… [knocking wood…]

    • By my calculations, I did about a dozen more loads of laundry than is typical. Six sets of bedding, at least three crib changes (possibly five), towels, blankets, comforters. I even had to do my FIL’s electric blanket. Plus steam clean their rug and clean two houses in general.

      It was a rough week.

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