The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

If you don’t understand the title of this post, you should read some Douglass Adams (rest his soul).

And get off my lawn. (I kid.)

As a birthday gift to myself, I’m off for a spa pedicure this afternoon. I’ll be meeting my children and parents later for dinner.

There will probably be cake at some point.

After much reflection, I also came up with an über-list for 2013 (h/t @observacious, who writes here).

Read 50 books. (I am going to track them at GoodReads
At least 20 of those books should be non-fiction.
Write on this site three times a week.
Start a regular program to get some exercise.
Try one new recipe a week.
Eat more raw fruits and vegetables.
Have more fun as a mother.
Host a cocktail party.
Host an outdoor party.
Take a trip to the Children’s Museum.
Take a trip to the Carnegie Science Museum.
Go to the Three Rivers Arts Festival.
Go to the lady doctor.
Get a mammogram.
Spend a Saturday in the Strip District.
Paint my bedroom.
Go on a Just Ducky tour.
Organize the home office once and for all.
Paint stairway wall.
Frame and hang pictures on stairway wall.

My word for 2013 (and one of the reasons I wrote an überlist) is Focus. I need it in my life. I am scattered. I go several directions at once. I used to be proud to be a multitasker, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I was half-assing a dozen things instead of doing one thing at a time well.

In the comments, suggest some books for me! I’ve recently read (or am reading) all three of Gillian Flynn’s, and Columbine by Dave Cullen. I think I want to revisit L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Other than that, I’ll need ideas!

11 thoughts on “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

  1. Books? Ahem… 😉

    We’ll do the Just Ducky tour with you, among other fun things. And you know I’ll have serious fiction suggestions for you, as well. We’ll talk or Tweet… come up with some winners for you.

  2. Ready, Player One. And (something you could probably red to your kids but great book so far (I am half way through) is The girl who navigated fairyland in a ship ofmhermown making. Also, cutting for Stone is good! Hope you had a great birthday!

  3. My current reading list includes:

    Behind The Beautiful Forevers – non-fiction. Reviews are glowing.

    NW – fiction. I very much liked Smith’s former book White Teeth

    Devil in the White City – non-fiction account of a mass murderer during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair

    Gone Girl – fiction book getting rave reviews

    The First Four Notes – a music critic analyzes Beethoven while he wrote his iconic symphony.

    That’s it for now.

  4. The Gospel According To Seuss, James Kemp
    The Year Of Living Biblically AJ Jacobs
    A Brush With God: An Icon Workbook Peter Pearson (he’s a professional iconographer and priest from PA and doing a workshop with him should be on everyone’s bucket list, in my opinion)
    All time best unknown fiction
    All She Was Worth by Miyuke Miyabe This murder mystery was written by a Japanese writer and delves into the meaning of money and credit in Japan. Where in the US money defines status, in Japan it is not just money but credit worthiness that makes a person’s worth. It was overwhelming and I couldn’t put it down not just because it was a glimpse of a completely different culture but because it made me think about my beliefs about money, success, value and reputation. I don’t think any of her other books have been translated which is a tragedy.

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