Deep Thought of the Day

If you were the kind of person to judge a book by its cover, so to speak, what kind of book would I be?

How I got here: I have a coworker who, if I judged him by his cover, I would label an aging hippie, in a positive way — he’s friendly, smiles a lot, wears Hawaiian shirts. I don’t know that he is; I don’t know anything about him. He works in a different department. He looks kind of like Jerry Garcia. Only cleaner. (Sorry, Grateful Dead fans.)

I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what people think about me. I spend almost no time *worrying* about what people think about me. This isn’t necessarily a virture; my husband points that out regularly.

But I just wondered as I was walking around this place that I spend so much fricking time — 40 hours a week! — what people see.

And if I knew what that was, would I want to change it.

Incidentally and as a reference point, this is how I generally look:



(Only with less red eye.)

Do you judge people by their appearances? Do you worry that people judge you by your appearance?