This Is My (Almost) 6-Year-Old

Kate hands me a picture she has drawn. It is of a building. At the top, a sign says, “Toes.”

Kate: I’m not done with Santa’s workshop yet.

Me: Okay. You can finish it after school today.

Kate: What does it say? (She points to the sign.)

Me: It says, “Toes”.

Kate’s little shoulders slump: Oh.

Me: What’s it supposed to say?

Kate: Toys!

5 thoughts on “This Is My (Almost) 6-Year-Old

  1. Oh, man, that’s cute. My daughter has a sign on her door that says, “Wlcom to my hows. Com in!” Makes me smile every time. (And she has lots of toes in that room, too, by the way.)

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