24 Months

Michael! YOU’RE TWO!

What the heck?

I went back to last year’s birthday post for you, so I wouldn’t repeat myself too much in this year’s birthday letter.

Some things are worth repeating: You complete us. You are utterly delightful, laid back, easy going, charming.

You are funny.

Of course, you are growing into your own person. As a result, you have discovered what a “time out” is. You do well with time outs — they are in your room, on the glider, door closed — and when I come back to get you after two minutes, you are happy and smiling again. So, thus far, they are working. (Knock on wood.)

You have gone from one word to lots of words to short sentences. Usually these sentences are orders (“C’mere, mama.”) or questions (“What dis, mama?”).

And yes, you say mama. You say mama *a lot*.

I’m okay with it.

You are a pack animal. Oh my goodness, you get up with your sisters’ names on your tongue. “Foe-wa Kate? Foe-wa Kate?” You want to know where they are, what they are doing, why you aren’t there, and how fast you can be with them. If they have something, you want it too. Especially if it is a ‘staw’ (straw).

When the passel of children is on The Compound, you can be seen trailing diligently in their wake as they travel from yard to yard. You are not frustrated and you are not to be discouraged.

You know *everyone’s* name. Niece and nephews, all the grandparents, all the aunts and uncles, the contractor doing our bathroom, your daycare buds, your daycare caretakers, the guy who cuts our hair — you know them all, and can easily list them out without pause.

You are also keenly aware of ownership. Most of the time, you will authoritatively declare “Mine!” Other times, you will ask: “Mine?” And if it is not yours, the owner must be identified. “Mama’s cup?” “Foe-wa’s banket?” “Kate’s ball?” You are very interested in who belongs to what. Also, if they will share with you.

You have needed three haircuts since turning 1, and frankly, you are overdue for another. Why do boys always have the fastest growing hair?

You are strikingly agile. Last year at this time, you weren’t even walking all that much. Now you climb into and out of your high chair, you walk down stairs, you jump, you put blocks and puzzles together.

Last year at this time, you were prone to ear infections, like all of my children. This has changed, for the better, because of ear tubes. Again, let’s knock on some wood here.

You adore everyone. You are especially attached to your main pack (mama, daddy, Foe-wa, Kate), you want to check in on Bella and ‘Done often, you want to see Nonna and Pap-pap. But, even when you are initially shy, you are quick to charm.

You say, “Uh-huh yep.”
You say, “Ukay.”
You say, “Lub you.”

I love you, too, my precious baby boy. Happy birthday.


2 thoughts on “24 Months

  1. Such a handsome little man. Wow, can’t believe it’s been 2 years. I remember when you were blogging about your pregnancy worries, like it was yesterday. And now look where you are!

    Happy Birthday, N’at!

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