Random Thoughts: The My Head is Going to Explode Soon Edition

Wait, didn’t I write this edition already?

1. I added a task to my calendar on my phone the other day, and found myself on the verge of tears. It was *one more thing* on top of all the other *one more things*, and it really had me teetering.

2. So, what are some of the things? Bathroom renovation (hashtag on Twitter so you can all follow along or join in, #bathroomredo). It seemed to go swimmingly at the start, but then we ran into…

3. …the question of whether or not we needed a new roof (answer: not quite yet).

4. We *do*, however, need new windows, so I am scheduling estimates, and I gotta tell you a) my upstairs is a freaking disaster area, so it’s pretty mortifying to have a stranger walking around in it and b) it adds more stress into a time of my day that is already a little stressful (i.e. the evening sprint). And, you know, that is just more $$ out the … window.

5. We have officially entered the busiest time of the year for me (and my family). We have three birthdays from now until early January, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas shopping (MORE $$!), and traveling for said holidays. There is also the random school stuff (parent teacher conferences! Fundraising! Homework and violin lessons! Classroom parties!). The task I added to my phone (see #1) was to schedule the parent-teacher conferences. (Which I did manage.)

6. M is entering the 2-year-old phase (don’t call it the Terrible Twos — we’ve talked about that, right?). His favorite words and phrases: “MINE!” “HADDAT” (Translation: “Have that.”) “Noooooo.” *top-of-lung screaming* He has discovered what “time out” means, for hitting and/or throwing things.

I’m moving out when he turns 3, mark my words. I’ll take the girls with me, and I promise to come back when he is 4.

7. My oldest daughter has a crush. On a boy. The boy, she reports with all earnestness, “likes her too.” They play pokemon at recess; they hung out at the Boo Bash; she wants to invite him to her birthday party (can’t, he’s in the other second grade class); barring that, she wants to have him over. As a matter of fact, she asked to have a sleep over, to which I responded a little sharply, “NO!”, to which she responded, “It’s not like we’re going to kiss.”

And then I had heart palpitations, and changed the subject.

8. My younger daughter is having some issues. There’s some aggression, there’s some high-running emotions. Dan and I are either the Best! Parents! Ever! or the WORST! She wishes she had a different life (which causes me heart palpitations for another reason). I had to take some things away this week because of the aggression. I’m not sure what’s up, but I am trying to give her some individual attention (which really seems to help) and also to praise her to high heaven for doing good things (which also helps). It’s been tough.

9. We have a dressy event for the school next Friday, and (because I was underdressed last year) I thought I was going to have to buy a little black dress (or like ensemble) and between money and time I JUST CAN’T STAND THE THOUGHT. And then I looked in my closet, and I *think* I have something I can wear. I will need to pair it with a wrap or sweater, and I will also need to polish my toenails (open-toed heels). But at least that one thing I can take off my plate. The initial panic was all too familiar, though. And so, so fun (read sarcastically).

10. I scheduled a party for Flora’ 8th birthday… yesterday. I have to get invitations to the class… Monday. The party is … Sunday (November 11). I hope some classmates show up.

11. Here’s my Saturday: Playdate with neighbor child (I’m helping out her mom), 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.; putting M in for his nap next door; Nephew’s bday party on 2:30 until… let’s say 5. Trick-or-Treat, 6:30 to 8 p.m.

12. Election Day. Gawd, I can’t wait until Wednesday. I will be depressed, anxious, and despondent if Obama doesn’t win, but at least A) I DID MY PART and B) it will be over. Kind of. Maybe more over than I can even bear to think about it.

What’s making your head explode? I’m not alone am I?