Random Thoughts: After the Hiatus Edition

Oh em gee, you guys. I’m not really sure where to start. This is why I should try to post more than once a week.

1. If I have any advice (or assvice, depending on your POV) for any married (or otherwise partnered) couple with children: TAKE A DAY. Maybe two. Drive somewhere without your kids, stay over night in a hotel room, and do things that you did when you were a childfree couple. For Dan and me, that means: late nights, lots of drinks, lots of laughs, and, uh, yeah. That. Lots. And sleep, too.

2. While you are on hiatus, find a place that does a pedicure and ask if they do a hot stone massage as part of it. Then sit your butt down and submit to the man (or woman). Heaven on earth.

3. Also while you are on hiatus, find an Irish bar with an Irish singer, and make him sing “The Unicorn Song”. He will hate you so much, he will make people come on stage and do obscene gestures during the song, and you will laugh your ass off. I promise.

4. The next night, go back to the Irish bar, but leave the singer alone, unless he wants to talk about the ‘Burgh. He’s been here, I promise. (He thinks Primantis is overrated.) Also: Take the singer’s recommendation to download some Saw Doctors. Great band.

5. On the car ride back, Spotify is your friend. Dan and I traded our favorite Rolling Stones songs (who knew we had them?), listened to R.E.M. and 10,000 Maniacs, decided the best version of “Because the Night” was definitively done by Patty Smith, discovered Spotify has no Led Zeppelin (which, WTF?), and coasted into town on Little Richard. Good times, people.

6. At this point, I should have realized that reentry was going to be tough. I had scheduled a Vacation Recovery Day for Monday, but Kate woke up with a sore throat and a slight temperature. So VRD was more of a stay-home-with-sick-child day, where said child refused to act very sick. Still, I managed to clean a little, gather the dirty laundry, and Costco shop. It just all took a lot longer than I had planned, and instead of getting caught up on Parenthood episodes, I let Kate watch Lady & the Tramp and Ice Age.

7. Taking hiatus throws off routine. I think I should be able to get back into the groove tonight — I talked about it with the girls last night, as we had pierogies, veg sausage, apples, and cheese for dinner. Of course, having a sick child does, too, and Kate *insists* she is sick. “My froat hurts, my head hurts. my ears hurt. My eyes hurt!” *buries herself under blanket* (She’s not running a temperature today.)

8. Upcoming: flu shots, Halloween (and costume construction), bathroom remodeling (HOLD ME), parties, holidays, general winter time madness. I, too, would like to bury myself under a blanket until spring.


Aside: One dad and one guy on the last post. Two dads weighed in on Twitter (kinda). Do dads not talk to their kids about sex? Why not?

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