On (Not) Writing

I don’t mean to be letting long gaps between posts happen. I have lots on my mind to write about here, I just haven’t had the space in my head or in my schedule to put something coherent together.

Please be patient.

For one thing, I am actually writing… something. I’m not 100 percent sure what it is yet, but I know that it needs to be written. It pretty much is taking up all my head space right now, and I’m working — chipping away, really, given the whole full-time work, full-time mom thing I have going on — on getting it out of my head.

I have a lot of thoughts about these two Fresh Air interviews — one from an American nun, one from an American bishop. My overall thought is that — more than HHS mandates and the like — the outcome of this crticism and how the outcome happens will shape the future of the American Catholic church.

I also have thoughts about helicopter parenting, letting my children sleep over the house of a woman I just met, and sexism, but, again, head space and time aren’t quite letting me complete my sentences.

Finally, I am having a TMI/non-parent-reading-friendly issue regarding my libido (through the roof) and the fact that I don’t want to have any more babies. So that’s fun.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, look what a good-looking family of five we are!

What taking up space in your head lately?

10 thoughts on “On (Not) Writing

    • I am fascinated by the issues as a woman and as a Catholic — and as an American, I suppose. I struggle mightly with the ideas in the institutionalized church regarding many of the things talked about in those two interviews. What I don’t struggle with is my deep faith in God and in Jesus as the Son of God. Many of the tenets and doctrines of my faith tradition I feel very deeply and believe in without question. but other issues, especially issues that can also be viewed as political or feminist issues… I feel very conflicted about.

    • First, wait until you’re well into the second trimester. It’ll come roaring back.

      Second, I seem to be experiencing something common to many 40somethings (of my acquaintence anyway). We’ve all described a sudden upsurge in sexual interest and, frankly, need. I am enjoying it (as is Dan, undoubtedly), but also stressed about wanting to avoid another pregnancy. Tricky when my charting is crappy.

  1. Don’t worry about us readers. You’ve got inspiration and libido (not to mention a lovely family). Those trump frequent blog posts in the quality of life department IMHO.

    • Thanks, Kim. That all means a lot coming from you, because I know you especially understand the inspiration part. (I’m not going to comment on the libido part. 😉 )

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