Random Thoughts: The Let Me Catch You Up Edition

Saturday morning, Dan came into the bedroom and said, “Flora’s been up since 2 a.m.”


Yup. He found Flora sitting on the couch, watching cartoons. She told him she woke up at “2-something” and came downstairs. I informed her she would be taking a nap later.

Later that day, Dan mentioned that Flora seemed warm. We took her temp, and it was 104. Medicine and cold compresses were immediately applied to the situation, and her temperature came down, which was just as well because Dan and I were supposed to go out.

I don’t know if the early rising and high temperature were related — she didn’t complain about anything else, no ear pain, no sore throat, and no belly discomfort. She just ran a fever for about four days, lower and lower each day.

I think there is such a thing as the “I’m worn out” virus. My kids seem to catch it when they’ve had a crazy busy few days.

We’re keeping our eye on Kate.


The girls are taking swim lessons. Kate talked (and talked) about how scared she was about going underwater. Four lessons in and all she talks about is how much she likes to go underwater. And that she can dog paddle now. Flora went from Level 1 to Level 3 in three lessons, and now regularly goes off the diving board and the water slide. I’m so proud of them.


The countdown to our Seven Springs vacation is on: seven days as of today. Flora would like to pack post-haste. The girls have been drawing pictures of the vacation house, all the people that are going to be staying there with us, and, of course, the dogs (my sister’s Boston terriers, Buddy and Roxy).


Our air conditioner stopped working at some point on Tuesday. I am sincerely hoping that by the time I hit publish on this post, it will be fixed.


My daughters have discovered Pokemon. The cartoon, the cards, the whole shebang. I said this the other night: “Thanks for turning off the television. Have fun with that Pokemon battle.” No one ever told me motherhood meant Pokemon.


Other stuff we are doing around here, in pictures:

This is our wading pool:

Letting my daughters choose how I polish my toenails:

Going on long walks, being sure to hydrate:

Going on long walks, and discovering things:

“Mowing” the lawn (this is my new favorite photo):


How about you? What are you doing this summer? Are you a member of the “our air conditioner broke” club? How are you staying cool?

12 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Let Me Catch You Up Edition

  1. We’re doing lots in a brand-new garden these days. Watering the plants, each other, shooting the water from the hose up into the air to create “rain”. Spray bottle misting of little seedlings (and each other). Digging up drip water systems from the lawn adn spraying on each other. Those kinds of mischeivious things.

    • My son loves to try to get wet when I am watering my flower garden! And if that wading pool is up and filled, I really have to watch because he’ll go in with his shoes on. I finally had to make the hose off limits for my girls because they would play with it, then leave it running for hours!

  2. My Gianna was afraid of going under water for so long it seemed, and then she started and hasn’t stopped. My kids are constantly swimming and dancing. It seems my house always has extra kids, but that is part of summer. They have fun.

    • I do love summertime, and I’m glad my kids are able to spend it at home. Wish I could be there instead of a nanny, but that’s not the way of it right now. Their cousins spend a lot of time next door, so the four older ones are always roaming the yards, and in and out of the house, with Michael trailing behind!

  3. As much as I look forward to cooling rains, I live in total fear of a bolt of lightening knocking out our air conditioning. I’m such a weenie about heat.

  4. Maggie had that random fever thing a few weeks ago (actually spiked to 105 the night of my miscarriage… so, you know, EXCELLENT TIMING and all!) Ped said there was a fever virus going around, usually no other symptoms. Weird. Maggie was fine 2 days later.

    I really really hope we don’t become a member of the broken a/c club. Lordy what bad timing!!

    • 😦

      When it rains it pours. Flora definitely took awhile to bounce back, I think because she wasn’t sleeping well on top of the fever.

      If your a/c does break, I have a great reference for you!

    • Oooph. This is the first house I’ve lived in with whole house central air. For a couple of years on the South Side, Dan and I had a bedroom air conditioner, which made sleeping possible. You get used to it, and when it’s gone, it throws you off. Stay cool!

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