Random Thoughts: The It’s Not Boring! Edition

Yesterday, I got home at 4:36, and was promptly greeted outside my car window with Kate who had something wrapped up in a paper towel.

“What’s in the paper towel, Kate?”
“It’s a dead mouse! I’m going to keep it as a pet. I won’t bring it in the house.”

Damn straight, you won’t.

The nanny was appalled and apologetic. She had no idea that Kate had picked up the mouse, and she couldn’t apologize enough (or stop gagging, and I don’t blame her.)

Short story: We gave mousie a decent burial, and everyone washed his and her hands very, very thoroughly.

I really do have to follow up on this pet idea.


I’m pretty sure Michael would spend every waking moment outside. It’s his favorite word, second only to “mommy”.

As soon as he gets up: “Outside?” As soon as he comes inside, “Outside.” As soon as he’s done with dinner, “Outside! Outside!” After bath, “Outside.” This is difficult as there are some things I need to go inside to do, such as change my clothes, use the bathroom, cook dinner, eat dinner, bathe the children. Michael couldn’t care less about my needs. “OUTSIDE!”


As a result of good weather and getting home an hour earlier, we’ve been taking a lot of evening walks. Flora usually bikes, and Kate usually thinks shoes are optional.

Last night Kate stubbed her toe something awful, and she didn’t even notice until Flora pointed it out. She piled into the wagon with Michael because obviously she couldn’t *walk*. Because she kept saying that her toe didn’t really hurt, I joked with her. “Maybe that’s not really blood then. Maybe you stepped on a ketchup packet.”

Protip: Children are very literal creatures.

Yes, Kate actually tasted her blood.

*ptooey, ptooey* “Nope, Mom, that’s not ketchup.”


I finally gave into temptation and snapped a picture of M’s tushie (he was in the tub). Unfortunately for you, I can’t share it on the Interwebz. But I do plan on printing it out for embarrassing collateral when he’s a teen.


She came up with this idea all by herself. I call it, “Ohm.”


It’s a good kind of not-boring right now. I’ll take it.