Random Thoughts: Two Bits Edition

I am interviewing nannies. It’s kinda stressing me out (more) but it’s the right move for my kids for the summer.

I remember being a kid. Summer time meant sleeping in, long days of running around the neighborhood with my friends, home for lunch, and maybe 4 p.m. Transformers cartoons.

When I was my children’s ages, my mom was home. When she eventually went back to work full time, we had babysitters (now called nannies).

I want to give my kids a little bit of that. I don’t feel like rousting them out of bed at 7 a.m. so I can take them to daycare. I want to drive straight home after work, and get started on the evening with the kids. I’m hoping to save a little bit of cash. I don’t want to have to pack lunches every morning.

Okay, that last one is not a major consideration.

So: Nanny interviews. Calling references. I also have to track down some kind of contract. And the contract has to include some phrasing about keeping my children off of social media sites. Is that ironic? So be it. My family is MY blog fodder, dammit!


I also have to stop smoking again! Yay, me!

I am so dumb. For a little over two months now, I have been back on my “one-a-day” habit. So: back to not buying them.

We’ll go from there.