Audio Visual

I wish I had a video camera running at all times around my children. I wish that I could capture those little moments that make parenthood so very joyful and rewarding.

Like: The intent way all three of my children consumed blueberries out of their little bowls the other night. They stood in a row, heads down, popping those sweet berries in their mouths like someone was going to steal them. It was serious business.

Like: Michael doing just about anything: carrying around a soccer ball, reaching up for my hand, giving Kate a hug (he gives Kate lots of hugs), giving Daddy a kiss (complete with “mwah” sound), saying “up”, saying “down”, saying, “mommy” (he says mommy!), calling Kate’s name (“KAAAAY! Kayyy?”).

Like: Recording all of Flora’s questions and all of Kate’s answers and the inflection of Michael’s babble. The way Flora or Kate will turn a phrase, turn it into something sweet and goofy as they learn the idioms of our language.

And every picture. Every one.


My little KINDERGARTNER! With the teacher who loved and understood her so much.

Asleep in the laundry basket. I don’t even.

It’s so fleeting, so precious. I hang onto every second I can.

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