Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mothers

I hope that today, whatever kind of mother you are, you take some time to pay homage to it.

Happy Mother’s Day to the stay-at-home moms, the bottle feeding moms, the work-outside-the-home moms, the breastfeeding moms, the crib bedding moms, the co-sleeping moms, the baby wearing moms, the stroller derby moms.

Happy Mother’s Day to gay moms, married moms, stepmoms, birth moms, adoptive moms, single moms, moms of special needs babies, and baby mamas.

Happy Mother’s Day to baby lost moms, to every mom who didn’t even get to meet her baby, to moms who have lost children at any age.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms who have yet to meet their babies, to pregnant moms, to moms who are trying to get pregnant (good luck! Have fun!) and to all the to-be moms out there, whether they are 4 or 40.

If you can, go hug your mom. If you can’t, I hope she is in your heart in a special way today.

If you can, go hug your mother-in-law, your aunts, your kids’ aunts, your nieces’ and nephews’ moms, godmothers, and any grandmother you can get your hands on.

If you’re a mom and you can, go hug your kids.

If nothing else, call a mom today and tell her she’s doing a good job.

Happy Mother’s Day to *all* my peeps. Do something for you today. You deserve it.