Random Thoughts: The TGIF, Big Time Edition

First of all, I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. Your words were thoughtful and encouraging, and I do have replies, I just haven’t quite gotten there yet. So, just, thanks.

Secondly, I had so many thoughts and emotions when President Obama articulated his support for same sex marriage. That he did it at all before the election in November; that he was able to put into words a lot of what I felt on the issue. Like the President, my feelings on same-sex marriage definitely evolved. I’m not entirely proud of that. I have close friends and extended family members who are gay. When the issue of same-sex marriage was starting to come into the public sphere, I just shrugged and thought, “Civil unions should be enough.” Part of that was probably because of my faith. I have no delusions that a gay or lesbian couple will ever be married in a Catholic church, but I really feel that it’s time to stop saying, “Well, such-and-such should be good enough.”

Same-sex couples and their families deserve all the rights and protections accorded to married people by the state and federal governments. Full stop. I don’t feel that the federal government needs to legislate on this issue, but at the very least, states have got to stop legislating against it. It’s so bigoted and ugly. (Hello, North Carolina!)

Thirdly, I can’t wait until my parents get their copy of TIME Magazine! My very short take: Blame TIME. The mother featured isn’t a mean, judgmental, attachment parenting lactivist, which you will learn if you read her Q&A (and here’s more proof). But that headline sure makes her come across that way. As I tweeted to someone earlier: “The image is provocative, but ‘MOM Enough’? That’s just inflamatory.” And that’s on TIME, all the way.

Lastly, I still haven’t figured out what’s next for me. The most important thing is that Dan’s in my corner, and that we will figure this out together. My weekend consists of seeing The Avengers (yay!), errand running and gymnastics, cleaning my whole house on Saturday (stop laughing!), and whatever Mother’s Day brings (I have made no plans).

What’s next for you? Any fun plans this weekend?

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The TGIF, Big Time Edition

  1. Regarding the Time cover: There is no way on God’s green earth that child is only 3. I have a 3 year old and a BIG one at that. He does not look like that. That kid looks like he’s 5.

    Call me all the names you want, I have a problem with a 5 yr old nursing. I just do. There it is.

    • According to the article, he will be 4 in short order (the interviewee says “next month” — don’t know when she was interviewed). I’m not going to call you any names, although my comment tends more along the lines of “I don’t really need to SEE that.” She can do whatever she wants with those bewbs! 😉

  2. To me, it seems like civil unions are this century’s “Separate but Equal,” which is really only the former. It’s easy for we in the majority to proclaim that it’s enough, but it’s not really our call. The country was designed to prevent discriminatory treatment of the minority by a majority. EQUAL is equal.

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