Project Food Budget: Weeks 28 and 29

Food Budget Piggybank

What’s left this month:

Grocery: $476.67
Costco: $(78.44)
Eating out: $113.69
Beer/wine: $60

I blew the Costco budget again — I think I’ll have to raise it to $300 next month. Although, in my defense, Dan went Costco shopping, and he got things for his office, plus some “off-list” things. Also, he bought individually packaged snacks, which is more expensive. So I think $300 is realistic with some adjustments to how we shop. So far, eating out is good, and so is the beer and wine budget! Whoo hoo!


Thursday: Pizza (from freezer, not from scratch) and salad
Friday: Vegetarian soft tacos
Saturday: Spaghetti and marinara sauce
Sunday: Black beans, tofu, and broccoli over brown rice
Monday: Bella’s house
Tuesday: Brinner
Wednesday: left overs


Let’s see how everyone else did!

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