Advice Needed, Sartorial and Other

This week and weekend have too much going on for me. And it’s not even the busiest time of the year! (That’s usually Christmas time.) And it’s not even the busiest weekend in my near future (that comes in mid-May — stay tuned!).

I had to put out a Twitter poll about what kind of gift basket to donate to my daughter’s school (wine was the clear winner; I’m pairing a red & a white wine with a basket of gourmet foods).

I also had to ask Twitter what “business chic” was. Turns out the upshot is nothing I have in my wardrobe.


Dan and I have an event tomorrow night at a school where he is on the board of directors. That is one of the weirdest non-kid related sentences I have ever had to type. The dress is business chic, which according to my sources is structured dress pieces paired with a blazer and/or good shoes. Like a pencil skirt with a crew neck shirt and good accessories.

I have good accessories, but I don’t have business chic.

I submit to you the two outfits I am considering.

Outfit 1 is this gray dress. It is knee length. I was going to pair it with black tights and ballet flats. (I should probably check tomorrow’s weather to see if tights will be appropriate, eh?) Before you ask: no, I do not have a blazer.

Outfit 2 is a black and white combo. The pants fall about mid-calf. I can pair them with either the aforementioned ballet flats or the shoes that are shown next.

What say you, readers?


The next piece of advice I need stems from the fact that Flora is this week’s star student. She gets to take home her classroom’s mascot at the end of the week. We are supposed to take the mascot — a stuffed bear — with us through the weekend and document the stuff we do with it.

The truth of the matter is our weekends are generally lame, filled with chores and errand running. What can we do with this bear that would be fun but not too crazy? Flora suggested the park, but (again with the weather) I’m not sure that will be a good idea. I wanted to go to the farmers market in Sewickley on Saturday, but how interesting is that to a classroom of 1st graders? Additionally, Flora has gymnastics, and we have a family event to attend. Plus, I feel like I should go to the I Made It! Market Jr. on Saturday (don’t forget to enter!), but with it being 1) downtown and 2) being from 1 to 4 p.m. (gymnastics for F & nap time for M), I have no idea if we’d even make it before it was done.

My life, it is crazy.

Any suggestions? Or should I just throw the bear in our car with the kids and take pictures of our typical weekend?


There was something else, but I completely forget what it is. I have so much happening I can’t even make decisions right now. I’m just going to be grateful that I have a community of people to turn to. How’s that for looking on the bright side?

19 thoughts on “Advice Needed, Sartorial and Other

  1. I love the look of black and white, so I’d vote for photo #2.

    Throw the bear in the car with the kids and take pictures. Take pictures of the bear performing the “weekend chores” so the other kids in the classroom understand that every household has chores. And while errands might not be fun for the kids, it would be fun to take pictures of the bear. 😉

  2. Okay. Here we go.

    1. The outfit.

    I say go with the dress, and accessorize it up. Also, I would say nix the ballet flats with the dress and wear the ADORABLE heels you’ve included a picture of instead. p.s. I WANT THOSE SHOES. Also, do you perhaps have a different belt you could rock with the dress? Something a big bigger that you could wear at your natural waist? That might jazz it up a bit.

    You’ll be a babe. Please. C’mon.

    2. Adventures with Bear and Family.

    Girl, I LOVE the idea of bringing Stuffed Bear with you to gymnastics, the farmer’s market, and to the family event. You could simply pose Stuffed Bear doing all sorts of hilarious things at these events. Bear on balance beam. Bear in farmer’s market basket. Bear trying to steal family member’s hors d’oeuvres.


    • I gotta find myself a nice belt. I’ve been meaning to since I got the dress. If I don’t get one today, I may just go with 2, and plan on doing that another time. Thanks, sweet lady!

  3. I’m with Laura. If you need a place to get a really fun belt, I suggest Charmin’ Charlies at the Galleria in Mt Lebanon on 19. TONS of awesome, reasonably priced accessories organized by color. Totally worth the trip.

  4. I personally like the second outfit with the flats; heels always look like self abuse to me. I wish I were closer; I have tons from court days that just sit in my closet now. I might suggest going to the Talbots outlet; you can get 1-2 pieces that will make anything chic. I know its downtown, but I always liked the science center. But the point of the mascot (in our case, it was flat Stanley) seemed to be just opening up what other peoples lives are like. We did take Flat Stanley to a Metalica concert but that’s because it was scheduled. I think gymnastics, family events, board games and the greengrocer is good.

    • Thanks, Shawna! I love wearing heels, although I can’t do it on a daily basis. So I am going to go with the heels, self abuse or not!

      We love the Science Center (and the Children’s Museum, and just about everything fun to do in Pittsburgh), but I know it will not fit into our schedule this weekend. Hoping the rain holds off for Saturday morning long enough for us to get to the Farmers Market. If not, we’ll find something fun indoors and close.

  5. I think outfit #2 is really cute and very chic. Let us know which one you pick! The Farmer’s Market is a fun place if it has candy, which most of them do. Put the bear on a shelf next to some gummy bears or some honey to make it fun. Put some rubber gloves on him and have him wash some dishes. Put a clothes pin on his nose and have him take out the trash. Chores can look fun too!

  6. Dress, heels, and I agree with the belt. Big silver jewelry. you are beautiful and have great style and pretty much rock whatever you wear! Also love the idea about Bear at the market…I am sure you can find lots of interesting fruits and vegetables that kids may not know…your girls know so much more than the average kid because of the great cook you are.

    I want pics of you in business chic, baby!

  7. I like both outfits and they are both perfectly appropriate. Wear the one you feel best in. Confidence is all you need and feeling comfortable will help. Pick one, put it on, smile, and forget about the clothes.

    Bring the bear. The other kids won’t think that stuff is boring. Everything other people do is adventuresome when you’re little.

  8. Not that you wouldn’t look lovely in it, but grey dress with black tights sounds more like Amish Chic than Business Chic. Even in Pittsburgh, Mecca of spring fashion that it is. Yeah, I said it. (What’s that line of Jen’s? Pittsburgh has no fashion scene, and that’s something I’ve really come to admire about it? Something like that.) The second outfit gets my vote, B&W being a Spring classic that stands on its own whether or not you have time or inclination to accessorize. (And you know you can trust me on accessorizing – it is my chosen faith.) Stacy London says the best accessories are confidence, a killer lipstick and a stiff drink.

    And, God, YES to the heels. Listen, when you find yourself in a dark wood in the middle of your life where you are wondering whether or not your weekend is going to be exciting enough to impress a stuffed bear … you need a night out wearing heels.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you all. I’m so thick in things right now, I have lost all perspective! Reading all these comments is refreshing.

    Due to the fact that I don’t have a belt to do up that dress, I am probably going to go with the B&W outfit — it is very classic. And then, I’m going to go buy me a belt!

    The Bear will do what we do, and have fun doing it. It will make our weekend a blast just to have him in tow. He may end up in the ball pit at Ikea if nothing else!

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