Advice Needed, Sartorial and Other

This week and weekend have too much going on for me. And it’s not even the busiest time of the year! (That’s usually Christmas time.) And it’s not even the busiest weekend in my near future (that comes in mid-May — stay tuned!).

I had to put out a Twitter poll about what kind of gift basket to donate to my daughter’s school (wine was the clear winner; I’m pairing a red & a white wine with a basket of gourmet foods).

I also had to ask Twitter what “business chic” was. Turns out the upshot is nothing I have in my wardrobe.


Dan and I have an event tomorrow night at a school where he is on the board of directors. That is one of the weirdest non-kid related sentences I have ever had to type. The dress is business chic, which according to my sources is structured dress pieces paired with a blazer and/or good shoes. Like a pencil skirt with a crew neck shirt and good accessories.

I have good accessories, but I don’t have business chic.

I submit to you the two outfits I am considering.

Outfit 1 is this gray dress. It is knee length. I was going to pair it with black tights and ballet flats. (I should probably check tomorrow’s weather to see if tights will be appropriate, eh?) Before you ask: no, I do not have a blazer.

Outfit 2 is a black and white combo. The pants fall about mid-calf. I can pair them with either the aforementioned ballet flats or the shoes that are shown next.

What say you, readers?


The next piece of advice I need stems from the fact that Flora is this week’s star student. She gets to take home her classroom’s mascot at the end of the week. We are supposed to take the mascot — a stuffed bear — with us through the weekend and document the stuff we do with it.

The truth of the matter is our weekends are generally lame, filled with chores and errand running. What can we do with this bear that would be fun but not too crazy? Flora suggested the park, but (again with the weather) I’m not sure that will be a good idea. I wanted to go to the farmers market in Sewickley on Saturday, but how interesting is that to a classroom of 1st graders? Additionally, Flora has gymnastics, and we have a family event to attend. Plus, I feel like I should go to the I Made It! Market Jr. on Saturday (don’t forget to enter!), but with it being 1) downtown and 2) being from 1 to 4 p.m. (gymnastics for F & nap time for M), I have no idea if we’d even make it before it was done.

My life, it is crazy.

Any suggestions? Or should I just throw the bear in our car with the kids and take pictures of our typical weekend?


There was something else, but I completely forget what it is. I have so much happening I can’t even make decisions right now. I’m just going to be grateful that I have a community of people to turn to. How’s that for looking on the bright side?