Ennui Is Just A Fancy Way of Saying I’m Bored

That’s pretty much my problem right now. It’s not that my life is boring, per se, but even the things that are keeping me busy aren’t really interesting to me. My boredom is tipping over into anhedonia — things that used to give me pleasure aren’t any more.

While I still take delight in my children (when they aren’t driving me nuts), the last time I really had a good time was my Hunger Games GNO. Which I just can’t do that every week, people.

Here’s a short list of things that aren’t doing it for me: writing, blogging, reading blogs, Twitter (which — Twitter!), beer, music, chocolate (which — CHOCOLATE!), the book I’m currently reading (the horrid, horrid conclusion to the Earth’s Children saga by Jean M. Auel please let it end soon), television, cooking. My motivation to do anything — start exercising, clean, sort my children’s clothes, polish my toenails — is zero. Zip.

I got nothing.

Yesterday, I had to stay home with Michael. He had gotten a vaccination on Monday evening (the HiB shot I think; he got that and DTP) that caused a fever and extraordinary crankiness (in him, not me). At one point in our day, Michael was laying on me, with his lovey (a green stuffed monkey we call Verde) on top of him, with a blanket over all of us. He was sucking on a bottle — M wanted nothing but milk from his bottle yesterday. We were staring at the television, and frankly I don’t even remember if we were watching CSI: or Psych. Every now and again, M would squeeze Verde’s foot. We were not moving otherwise, and it was clear that we didn’t want to move.

And that pretty much sums up the way I feel lately. I don’t know if I’m overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or just completely (again, with the exception of my children) don’t care anymore.

Before you ask, I’ll just say things between Dan & me are fine — just fine, if you know what I mean. He and I really need to reconnect more or on another level, and with him working and or meeting until 10 p.m. almost every night, it’s not happening right now. Date night needs to happen. I think I have a certificate for a dance lessons around the house somewhere. I should dig that up.

I need a kick in the ass — something new, something to pique my interest again, get my juices flowing. Of course, the catch is, it can’t take any more time than I currently have at my disposal. So, you know, that could be an issue.

What do you do when you’re bored out of your skull?