Meatless Monday: Another Failure

I’ve complained before about my slow cooker minestrone, that the pasta gets too mushy. Taking a cue from Emily Levenson, I decided to sub in quinoa for pasta.

And it turns out my family (excepting Michael, who likes nearly everything anyway, and myself) still doesn’t like it. So I’m throwing in the towel on minestrone.

As a matter of fact, my husband informed me last night that he didn’t like vegetarian soup in general. I said, “Except for my lentil soup.” And he said, “Yeah, I still don’t know how you do that.”

Fortunately, I redeemed myself with my kick-ass grilled cheese (I make the thickest, gooiest, best grilled cheese on the planet, IMO) and with my apple muffins. It’s a fool-proof recipe, really (from moosewood).

It was a dull weekend, and I still didn’t do what I wanted. I did manage to get my car vacuumed. But I really, really want — nay, NEED — to get through the clothing piling up in my house. We’ve lots to give away, lots for consignment, and lots for donation.

Flora got two bags of used clothing, and made a point of unpacking them and putting them in her drawers. Which was very helpful except for the part where I have to still go through what is in her drawers and either pack it away for Kate or donate it.


Also, she did this on Saturday night after she was supposed to be in bed.

I also need to clean the rest of my car’s interior and install M’s new car seat.

I got my boring weekend. But now I need a boring, productive weekend!

Do anything fun this weekend? How about anything productive?