Project: Food Budget, Weeks 25 and 26

Food Budget Piggybank

Halfway through! Wow!

We must have done a good job stocking up at the grocery store, because aside from milk, we haven’t had to go often. Although I am sending Dan tonight, so we’ll see.

We went through the Costco budget, so that’s going to need to be examined, and I think we’re still spending too much money on eating out. Although, we did come in under budget.

Grocery: Spent $230.75, leaving $160.44 until April 1
Costco: Spent $455, over by $255
Eating out: Spent $77.96, leaving $27.25

The April budget will be the same. If we underspend on groceries and overspend at Costco again, I will have to adjust that. Oh, and I have to recalculate my CSA for the upcoming season. Winter season total for the CSA was $528, or about $44.00 a week. Which I’m totally cool with. As summer starts, I will also be figuring in our weekly spending at farmers markets.

Menu for week:
Thursday: Take out, because the kids and I will be getting home late (there goes that $27.25)
Friday: Veggie burgers and potatoes, salad
Saturday: Granola bars; Minestrone soup and grilled cheese sandwiches; I will also be making marinara sauce this weekend
Sunday: Apple muffins; French toast, veggie sausage, fruit, and I’ll be cooking Coconut tofu and rice
Monday: Bella’s house
Tuesday: Coconut tofu I made Sunday
Wednesday: Pasta, Quorn nuggets, salad

Updated to add: I need your favorite mushroom recipes! I have mostly cremini, but a couple of portabellas, too. Please link me up in the comments!

Let’s see how everyone else did!

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