Project: Food Budget, Week 23

Food Budget Piggybank

Remaining in Budget:
Grocery: $391.19
CSA: $168
Costco: $200
Eating Out: $105.21

This week’s menu is thin on the ground. Dan’s birthday is this weekend, so the special event budget will be taking a hit! For a good reason, though.

Thursday: Leftovers and Quorn nuggets
Friday: Kids and I eating at a friend’s house
Saturday: Dan and I are eating out.
Sunday: Tarka Dal, with samosas and Indian bread
Monday: Bella’s house
Tuesday: Raviolis or tortellini, with salad
Wednesday: TBD

Gah! I am not doing well on the menu front. I’m not really sure when or where we are going shopping because of the birthday event. I have a feeling I’ll be picking some things up at Target on Saturday for the kids’ dinner. I’m not 100% happy about that, but I also have a 9:30 a.m. birthday party to attend with the girls, and then have to get ready for a night out (overnight!) with my husband.

I guess I just have to regroup. Already! However, I did make those granola bars, and I plan to try them again, too. Win some, lose some.

Let’s see how everyone else did!

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