Project Food Budget: Weeks 21 and 22

Food Budget Piggybank

This week is a little bit of a reboot, which works out well because it’s the start of a new month, too.

First: the budget. I haven’t been doing a good job of keeping track of my receipts. Starting today, I’m going to keep an Excel file to track everything.

My Monthly Budget:

Grocery: $600
Costco: $200
Eating out: $125
CSA: $168
Beer/wine: $60

Second: menus. My strategy going forward is to really plan my menus ahead of time. I’m going to use some of my cookbooks, but if you have a web site that helps you, feel free to share it with me. Also, these aren’t really set in stone. It’s more about having a guideline. For weekends, I’ll list a breakfast food as well as dinner. Lunches are usually sandwiches and chips, or other low-key fare, for example, cheese, crackers, and apples!

This past week’s menu:

Thursday: Pizza (from freezer, not from scratch) and salad
Friday: Vegetarian soft tacos
Saturday: Maple Pecan Granola; spring rolls (with shrimp for Dan), Spicy Black Beans & Cous-Cous — we actually ended up ordering out because I was cleaning the girls’ room. As Dan said, I would’ve either been working in the kitchen or working in their room. And, frankly, their room needed it more. (Yes, they helped… for about an hour and a half.)
Sunday: Strawberry Banana Muffins; mashed potatoes, rotisserie chicken, not dogs and barbecued tofu, salad, steamed veggies
Monday: Bella’s house
Tuesday: pasta + marinara sauce + salad
Wednesday: fundraiser hoagies

Upcoming week menu:

Thursday (3/1): Vegetarian chili and pierogies
Friday: Grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup
Saturday: no bake energy bites; pizza from scratch and salad
Sunday: granola + yogurt; lasagna, salad, and garlic bread
Monday: bella’s house
Tuesday: broccoli cheese bake + rice
Wednesday: spicy black beans + cous cous

Bella’s house means: Five children, cooking and cleaning up next door. Dinner is mac and cheese, not dogs, and vegetarian beans for the children. I usually have leftovers from the weekend, although I admit that sometimes Kraft Mac’n’Cheese is hard to resist! Talk about comfort food.

Michael really likes eating at Bella’s house.

Lastly: My next obsession: Making snacks for the girls’ lunches. The upcoming weekend will find me trying no-bake energy bites and/or granola bars. I’ll be posting more about that next Monday.

Let’s see how everyone else did!

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2 thoughts on “Project Food Budget: Weeks 21 and 22

  1. If you’re comfortable paying with credit cards, most of them now offer very cool online reports like color-coded pie charts that will tell you exactly where and how you spent your money each month and yearly. You can see at a glance what percentage of your food money is spent on groceries as opposed to restaurants, for example. You can do that with excel too, but then you have to keep up with the data entry.

    • We’re slicing up all our credit cards, actually, BUT this does remind me that my bank card will do this for me online. I am going to have to explore that tool. Thanks!

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