Project: Food Budget, Week 20

Food Budget Piggybank

This week, we spent a little bit on groceries (about $11) and a bit at Costco (about $32).

Remaining in the budget for February:
Groceries: $459.00
Costco: $92.92
CSA: $34 (that will go away tonight)
Eating out: All ready blown.

I didn’t mean to add to the eating out total for February, but I had dental work yesterday that left me unable to chew anything harder than soup (I had to call restaurants around my office to find a vegetarian soup) and a Wendy’s milkshake.

Things are rolling right along! I wrote on Monday about menus, and I stand by the point I was trying to make. Having a menu leads to having a reliable list, which leads to spending better and cooking more. And cooking more is healthier and cheaper!

Let’s see how everyone else did! There are some new “faces” this week, too, so welcome them to the fold.

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