Random Thoughts: The Valentine’s Day Edition

I know today is polarizing. I hated it for many years, and wore black.

Okay, so I wore black a lot anyway. I just made sure to make a point that I was wearing black on Valentine’s Day.

And then Dan took the sting out of the day for me a little bit.

Much like Halloween, a holiday I am not fond of celebrating as an adult, I now enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day again, especially with my family. And we celebrate simply, mind you, not extravagantly.

If Dan wants to give me diamond earrings, he knows when my birthday is. Ahem.

Valentine’s Day falls at a weird time for us, which is another reason for the simplicity. We have November, December, and January birthdays (two of those last, ahem), plus Christmas is thrown in there, and then Dan’s birthday is in another month.

This morning, my kids opened cards and little gifts wrapped in red paper (lip gloss and socks with heart patterns for the girls, board books for the boy). In their classrooms, they gave out little gift bags with teeny toys and a candy treat. My girls bought Dan an Angry Birds t-shirt and bought me… a pair of shoes.


Yeah, so, my children bought me shoes. These shoes, only in hot pink. Because when we were shopping in Target, we walked past them, and I exclaimed over them.

I mean, they’re hot, right?

Of course, now I need a dress and some accessories to go with them. I hope my husband’s buying me a shopping spree.


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day, or wear black? What the heck am I going to wear with those shoes?

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Valentine’s Day Edition

    • I was actually considering gray and/or a bright blue color, tie it together with big, bold jewelry. I don’t have a reason to wear the shoes just yet, but I’ll be shopping around. 🙂

  1. For many years, I wore black. I think it was because I never had a beau in high school, and of the two beaus I had in college (not at the same time!), only one was get-all-excited-for-heart-day worthy. When I met my hubby, we both were in the restaurant industry, so celebrating on that day was not an option. But once I had a kid, I came back around to at least not hating the holiday. Hubby and I don’t celebrate it and don’t really care to, but I do think it is nice for those who like it/want to; helps keep the economy going! And I DO have red on.

    Cool shoes, by the way. I have no sense of fashion so cannot give advice, although black first came to mind (safe).

  2. I think 1.Those heels are definitely sexy date night 2. You have good kids to actually REMEMBER something about you that didn’t have anything to do with them, and 3. a hot pink and black flirty skirt would look wonderful with them. Short if you have good legs, which I seem to recall you do, and longer if you’re like me and your legs resemble a chicken crossed with a melted barbie doll. Which I am sure is against several laws of nature, but what can I do?

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