Plans for Today

Drop off Flora, and get coffee and breakfast with Kate and Michael.

A parent-teacher conference for Kate.

Lunch with Flora. Yes, at her school cafeteria. (I’ll be packing a lunch.)

Some shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond. (I have a gift card.)

I need three pairs of shoes. So: shoe shopping, although I won’t buy all three pairs. I desperately need sneakers, though. I can’t even begin to exercise — and I definitely need to start exercising — because I don’t have sneakers. It’s a little ridiculous.

And foundation. I need a new, cream-based foundation.

Cake, probably after dinner with my children. Maybe brownies instead of cake. But something delicious that can hold a candle or three.

In other words, a quiet day full of treats. Exactly the kind of day a birthday should be as far as I’m concerned.

What do you like to do on your birthday?