Meatless Monday: Cabbage

I’ve mentioned before that I am the only one in my household who likes eating cabbage, including sauerkraut — which if there is a more perfect food with mashed potatoes, I don’t know it. I was asking Dan about this dislike of cabbage, and he said, “Well, I like coleslaw.”

Which, ew. If we’re talking about mayonnaise based coleslaw, anyway.

I happened to stumble on a cabbage recipe at Slate that I thought I would try. I asked Dan to try it too. Maybe, I thought, the issue is cooked cabbage.

Turns out he liked it “okay”. He wasn’t ecstatic about it, but he ate cabbage and didn’t hate it (my ILs both liked it very much).

Red Cabbage Salad

1/4 head of red cabbage, shredded
2 oz gorgonzola, crumbled
1/3 cup chopped walnuts
1/3 cup raisins
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
Salt and black pepper to taste

Mix everything together and serve. I let it sit for about an hour, and it held up fine, and I am eating some leftovers today, so we’ll see how it’s held up overnight. The cabbage hasn’t gotten salty or soggy. And it tastes a lot better than mayo-based coleslaw, IMO.

I “shredded” the cabbage by simply slicing it with my chef’s knife. You could probably shred it more finely with a mandoline or food processor.


As much as I love my haluski recipe (butter! noodles! cabbage! what could be better?), I may have found another cooked cabbage recipe that I love even more. This recipe for roasted cabbage with lemon is simple and tasty. You could find a million recipes like it. If you are a fan of cabbage at all, and you haven’t tried roasting it yet, I encourage you to do it.

I think that cooked cabbage is very much the issue in my household. Yes, it has a distinctive odor. So does cooked broccoli, so do boiled eggs. And my family like those things, so I have hope that (the kids at least) will come around to cooked cabbage, too.

Got a vinegar-based or other non-mayo-based cabbage salad recipe I can try for Dan? Link me up in the comments!