Lost: Pilot Episode I and II

Before Christmas, Dan bought himself — okay, it’s really for all of us — a flat-screen LED television.

It is very shiny.

It was bundled with a Blu Ray player.

And then, he found the entire series of Lost on Blu Ray for a good price on eBay. I wanted to give it to him for Christmas, but he saw the box, and just couldn’t wait.

Men: grown up children.

Anyhoo, we cracked Season 1 open last night, and I was forcibly reminded how much I loved that series.

It was also a lot of fun going back to the beginning even knowing how it ultimately ends, and all the stuff that happens in between.

Now *that’s* foreshadowing.

I won’t be breaking down the episodes like I did for Seasons 4, 5, and 6 — although that was fun.

Lost became more than just a television show.

First and foremost, it was a date night for Dan and me. We’d get the kids to bed and park ourselves on the couch at 9 p.m. every Tuesday. We’d exclaim and laugh and gasp and generally enjoy an hour of time together sharing something.

Secondly, it generated a community of people online sharing… well, pretty much the same things Dan and I shared. Reactions, guesses as to what would happen next, hypotheses as to what it all meant. Lost went beyond the water cooler. I doubt I’m going to find that as we delve into our blu-ray set now. Although maybe I’ll find people who will enjoy the reminiscing.

I also doubt Dan and I will have the discipline to only watch one episode a week. We watched two eps last night, and if I had to wager on it, I would bet Dan watched the rest of the first disk. I’ll probably try to wait to watch more of the show with him, though. It’s really fun to share that time.

What was the first TV show that became more than just a show for you?

10 thoughts on “Lost: Pilot Episode I and II

  1. True Blood!!!
    Modern Family
    The Wire
    The Vampire Diaries

    You’ve got something on Lost. I saw a few episodes the first season. Don’t tell me how it ends!!!

  2. We tried True Blood, and it was a bit much for me. I’m a big fan of the novels they were based on, but the show was vampire p0rn. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂

    We like Parenthood, and often watch it On Demand. I like Community, too, makes me laugh. But compared to Lost, they are “just” tv shows.

    I would never spoil the ending of any thing: show, book, or movie. If you start watching Lost again, enjoy!

  3. Gilmore Girls. i am still madly in love with it. When I run out of things to watch on Netlfix (is that even POSSIBLE?! we’ll see, I’m certainly trying my hardest), I’m going to rewatch the full series, which I naturally have on DVD.

    I don’t think I’ve been as attached to any show since then. I really, really loved “Six Feet Under”, but it didn’t quite reach the attachment level of Gilmore Girls, and I’m currently watching and loving “Mad Men”. But again, not comparable to Gilmore Girls.

    • We watched the first three seasons of Mad Men, but haven’t bothered to get caught up to season 4. Not sure why. It’s such a well-done, compelling show.

      I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls. Hm. Something for future viewing, perhaps!

  4. Tough, but great question. Probably Friends. It came out when I first starting teaching at a business college, and I loved it so much that I managed to incorporate it into some of my lectures and tests. My friends and I, in some ways, pretended that we were “Friends.” I also watched the X-Files with those same friends, so I kind of want to count that too!

    As for Lost, let me say that sometimes when I hear planes overhead, the sound is eerily similar to the sound that was often heard on Lost (eery, but not odd), and I actually get sad. I still miss having that show to look forward to every week (in season) and then dissecting it with coworkers the next day.

  5. I was devoted to a number of shows in the past, notably LA Law, NYPD Blue, ER, but the first one for which I actually bought the dvds… West Wing. (followed closely by “24”)

    Right now, my Appointment TV is 30-Rock, Modern Family and Chuck.

  6. I really miss Lost. Nothing has really taken its place. I really wanted to be in front of the TV watching it “live”. I recorded it, too just in case I needed to rewind to “get” something. The husband was “discouraged” from to talking to me for that hour (because really, if you took your attention away for one second you missed something). On “football” nights….he was regulated to the spare room watching it until Lost was over. No flipping the channels to football during commercials….miss one second and you miss it all…. (My one and only “win” when it comes to football and TV 🙂 )

    Now, I could care less if I miss a show. I record the very few shows I watch and watch them Saturday and Sunday mornings. There isn’t any “I can’t wait….” show.

    As for your question….I have no idea. I have loved tv shows….but can’t remember which really got to me….

    • I know, Lost was such an experience! I didn’t let Dan surf during commercials either, and he HATES commercials. We love watching it again on Blu-Ray because — no commercials. Plus, I gotta say, it looks gorgeous between the blu ray and the LED TV. It’s like Matthew Fox is in my living room!

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