Project: Food Budget Week 14

Food Budget Piggybank

I cooked a ton for New Year’s Day — and I loved it. We went a little over the grocery budget, $254.21 versus $200. I made butternut squash and apple soup, extra creamy mashed potatoes, Tofurkey kielbasa with sauerkraut (from my CSA — SO GOOD I HAVE TO SHOUT!), and cookies. Eating out, Dan spent $49.25. He’s got to get back on plan.

This week brings a CSA box full of goodies: $34; a birthday party for my soon-to-be 5-year-old (entertainment budget); and various and sundry running around. Looking ahead, I’ll probably have to send Dan to the grocery store at least once. I need to see what I have and plan a menu accordingly. I should be able to keep the total under $100, depending on the CSA box.

I’ll be posting a couple New Year’s Day recipes over the next couple of weeks, but for the meantime: Kate and I made chocolate chip cookies. Only instead of the usual recipe on the back of a package of Nestle Tollhouse chips, I made two minor substitutions: dark chocolate chips (instead of milk or semi-sweet) and dried cherries (instead of the optional cup of nuts). Now that’s a grown up chocolate chip cookie!

Happy New Year and let’s see how everyone else did!

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