Project: Food Budget Week 11

Food Budget Piggybank

The only shopping (for food) we did last weekend was the grocery store. So it was okay we went over budget, right?

I budgeted $125 for the trip, but Dan spent $218. Of course, that included lavender essential oil, two bottles at $11 each, and a dish towel. So, actually, that gets us closer to our budget, coming in at … *whips out calculator* … $191. We didn’t go to Costco at all, which not only saved us some money, but means the girls have been drinking water with lunches instead of chocolate milk. Which on the sugar end is good, but on the calcium end is not.

I did pick up a case of beer, too, Sierra Nevada Celebration, for about $30.

Let’s look at a couple other factors.

1. Formula feeding and baby food purchases are ended. (Can I get an amen?) After a bit of a rocky start, Michael has adjusted to milk (2%, organic). I sometimes mix it with a little bit of soy drink, which is what the girls drink (long story). He is doing very well with finger foods, and — like his sisters before him — seems to like everything. So, that’s going to help out the budget.

2. Food waste and menu planning: I am throwing out far less food lately. I am freezing things, cooking vegetables right away, using all the fruit, and so on. This is a big plus. The only exception was that minestrone soup I mentioned last week. It came out of the freezer very mushy, so I did end up tossing a good deal of it.

I am discovering new menu items through this project, which is great. I still haven’t gotten around to baked oatmeal, which I know my family will love, but last night I did kale chips for the first time ever. So while I still have my fall-back recipes, I am extending my reach. I’m glad the girls will pretty much try anything with an open mind. They end up liking 90% of what I make.

3. Eating out. Dan has gotten better at bringing snacks from home to get him through the day, and then eating at home. With some holiday-related activities, though, the eating out budget has spiked a little bit. Gotta keep that under control.

Almost three months in, I am really happy with this project. We have definitely reigned in spending, we’re wasting far less food, and I’m sloooowly getting better at menu planning.

Plus, I discovered a whole new bunch of online writers!

Let’s see how they did this week.

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