Baby Shoes!

As is the way of the walking baby, Michael went from one or two steps, to five or 10 tentative steps, to walking (toddling) across rooms.

I tend not to put my babies in shoes too early. I like them to really be walking (relatively) well before handicapping them all over again. It was getting to be time — Michael has been managing to get to his feet without pulling up on something — but I was still procrasinating.

DCL took care of it for me:

Could you just die of the cute?

2 thoughts on “Baby Shoes!

  1. GAH! I love tiny baby shoes!

    When they were first walking, I really liked Robeez (or the Target knock offs) because they were soft leather and machine washable. Sure, they weren’t snow boots but we were still carrying the kids most places anyway so it didn’t matter.

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