Project: Food Budget, Weeks 9 and 10

Food Budget Piggybank

Due to last week’s birthday and sickness (he is much, much better), I didn’t do a Food Budget post.

So in weeks 9 and 10, here are the actual numbers:

Costco = $65.95 (this total does not include the food total for Michael’s birthday; we put that in the entertainment budget)
Grocery = $97.43 (I think that was a little over budget, which is usually about $75)

Next week, I plan to spend:
Grocery: $125
Alcohol: $30
Costco: $50
CSA: $45

Over the weekend, I’m planning to make cookies (holiday parties!), marinara sauce, baked burritos, beefy cheesy macaroni, and baked oatmeal. I am excited to see what my winter CSA will have for us. I’ll be picking up two boxes a month from now until about March. That will definitely influence our menu.

Speaking of menus, I have tried and tried to make a minestrone soup recipe for my slow cooker. It has not worked despite my various tweaks. So I need a good stovetop minestrone soup recipe. Anyone have one I can try? Leave me a link in the comments, or point me to a trusted cookbook.


Let’s see how everyone else did!

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