So Close

I managed to post 25 days in a row. But Saturday, I could not get myself to my computer. I didn’t feel like dealing with the massive box Dan had launched into our already extremely messy office.

So I let it go.

I’ve got a Meatless Monday, but probably not today, and Michael turns 1 this week (WHAT THE WHAT?), so I’ll be posting plenty. Michael also has a double ear infection and is super clingy and miserable, which is another reason I didn’t feel like wading into the office to do a post.

Now to turn my energy toward decorating for Christmas and shopping. Oh, and a birthday party to plan on Saturday.

Yeah, not much going on here at all!

One thought on “So Close

  1. I cannot believe it’s been almost a year already. Holy cow, time really does fly!

    Happy Birthday to Michael! Not too much longer and he’ll start jabbering at you. 🙂

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