Random Thoughts: The WHY Edition

I am not a Black Friday shopper. For me the early hours and the crowds (cons) simply outweigh the theoretical savings (pro). I heartily dislike the retailers’ marketing as well, creating fear and need, and setting earlier and earlier shopping hours. For example, HellMart opening at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving night?? People have been eating and drinking, and spending time with family, and you are going to open your doors to them? That’s just crazy.

Also, my dear Target, the Black Friday commercial you have been running with the woman “in training” for shopping? The most offensive Black Friday commercial EVER. I sincerely hope that if a woman recognizes herself in that deranged caricature, that they take a moment to reflect and end up spending the day at home with their family eating leftovers instead of laughing maniacally at supposed “deals” in your sales flyer.

If you shop today (you’re probably done by now): I hope you had fun and were safe. I don’t understand the appeal, but that’s okay. If we were all the same, life would be boring.


Reading tweets yesterday (pretty much after dinner and family time), I felt like one of the luckiest people in the world. So many people dreading or regretting the day spent with their families or in-laws — it just broke my heart.

Some people don’t get to spend family with loved ones because of death or distance. And that’s sad. But I don’t think people who don’t want to face the judgement or disapproval of their families should just suck it up.

If spending time with your family causes you and your loved ones (i.e. spouse and/or children) so much pain, I advocate for alternate plans. Find some like-minded friends, and have dinner with them. If you *have* to see your family, make it for coffee and dessert, or cocktails and appetizers. Hell, book a vacation to someplace warm! Tell your parents you couldn’t pass up the deal.

I know, it’s easy for me to say. I hit the lottery with with my in-laws (and I’m pretty blessed in my birth-family as well; truly, everyone is just awesome). As to the ILs, we may not see eye-to-eye politically, but we’ve agreed to disagree, and we just don’t talk about it. Instead, we played ’80s Trivial Pursuit. It was a blast!


Why do I love Jason Segel so? Something about his willingness to do full-frontal nudity in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (he’s not Daniel Craig, people) and his every-man schlubbiness in general, I think. (Yes, I did just totally make up that word, based on the root “schlub”.) And today, I’m going to see him in The Muppets.

I’m assuming he doesn’t do full-frontal in this one. I’m bringing the kids, so, let’s hope not.

9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The WHY Edition

  1. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, RPM. I did! But you just broke my heart because I LOVE the Target ads with the lady in training. It’s great satire, I think. I crack up every time.

    Now that you are back from the Muppets, I assume…I hope that you loved it as much as we did. “Am I a Man or a Muppet?”…instant classic. I thought the movie was retro-cool.

    • The fact that I missed the satire in that Target commercial probably reveals deep loathing for black Friday. I usually get satire, but this time — nope, totally whiffed on it.

      We had a lovely Thanksgiving day and weekend, thank you. I now want to buy the original Muppet Movie and then the new one and watch them back to back. Too cool.

  2. Oh I can’t stand Black Friday. I feel as if I have to lock myself in my house and not leave for fear of being maimed. I did get out to the gym and then this afternoon went to the mall to see Twilight. YUP. I WENT THERE.

    The people weren’t so bad, but the 14 year old girls smoking outside irritated me probably a lot more than they should have. I even had to go and make snide comments loudly, “I’M 14 AND I SMOKE CIGARETTES!”


    Too much?

  3. Those Target commercials annoyed the crap out of me instantly. It’s just one more example of how little the nation’s advertising agencies (and their employers) think of us.

    I always avoid shopping amidst the Black Friday hysteria. I had my fill from running record stores during a dozen of them. In fact, I rarely go out to shop at all any more. It’s Cyber Monday, for me. I can do it in my jammies. (You know, because I’m taking Monday off. Otherwise, my co-workers might complain.)

    • I am utterly unprepared for Christmas shopping this year. Dan & I better get our acts together. We don’t buy for a lot of people (mostly nephews and niece) so that’s okay. We are going to bottle wine and make limoncello. But I do have my eye on some Amazon deals. Just waiting for the right moment. 🙂

  4. I loved the car/truck commercial with the guy telling the Santa car salesperson that that truck would be great because he loves to hunt. Santa asks what he hunts. Guy says deer, looks at Santa, then says fish.

    My husband cannot understand how I can love my family. This year’s debacle involved my 30-year-old cousin refusing to take off an obscene t-shirt (“I don’t need sex, I get f’d by the government every day”) and my three-year-old nephew throwing a two-pound weight at my kid, missing, and instead nailing his five-year-old bro, who ended up in the ER. I am pretty sure hubby won’t be joining the family for Christmas this year and I can’t say I blame him.

  5. I caught “The Muppets” over Thanksgiving and I *loved* it! Jason Segel and Amy Adams did such an amazing job! And then… the muppets! It made me so nostalgic seeing them all together again. Me and my family laughed so hard through the entire movie! I just wish there was more Beaker. 🙂

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