I can list all the usual suspects when it comes to being thankful in 2011: a healthy and growing family, a successful practice for my husband, a job and health benefits, good friends, and so on and so forth.

I’ve been missing some of my IRL friends, lately, the ones I don’t get to interact with on social media. It feels almost ungrateful because I’ve made great friends through Twitter, many of whom I get to hang out with occasionally IRL. But I want Hope and Michele and Nikki and Jen and Dawnan and more to join Twitter (my Social Media Platform of Choice![tm]) too. Some of them are on Facebook (as am I) and some are good about posting updates (much, much better than I am). I just like Twitter best.

I mean, I’ve been meaning to email Hope for *ages*, and I just haven’t. I feel like a bad friend. I miss her, and want to tell her we’re coming in for Christmas, and let’s go have a drink, and so on and so forth… and, yeah, I’m posting here about it instead. And don’t even get me started on N, who is my oldest friend in this world, who won’t join Facebook (why not?), but gleefully stalks others through her sister’s account. (Bad N.)

I don’t want them to start blogging or invent personal brands to promote over Twitter or anything like that.

I just want to talk to them again. And somehow, this — i.e. Twitter — has become how I talk to people now. Which, either, I’m doing something wrong or I’m a totally 21st-century woman. I haven’t decided.

Why do you do what you do in the social media realm?