Project Food Budget: Week 7

Food Budget Piggybank

Last week, I budgeted for a party.

It’s a good thing.

Food = $223.20
Alcohol = $224.46
Eating out = $46.16
Formula = $25.00

We were under budget on food, even with having to run out for an ingredient or two at the last minute. However, my father picked up the crudite tray, cheese tray, and cake, and he hasn’t told me what I owe him yet. So I either came under budget there because of his generosity, or I’m probably over by about $80.

Dan blew the alcohol budget out of the water. I should know better than to send my oeophile husband to the state store unchaperoned. He bought a bottle of red wine, three bottles of white wine, and a bottle of scotch. And I made him go back for another big bottle (reasonably priced) of red. Plus, we got two cases of beer, the increasingly rare (because they aren’t shipping to Western PA anymore) Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA and the standby Yuengling.

Of course, we’ll have plenty of wine and beer for a while.

This coming week is Thanksgiving shopping (we will go over to my in-laws, which means I can probably get away with bringing mashed potatoes or cookies), and probably some odds and ends. And we’ll need a Costco run soon, too.

Food = $75
Costco = $100
Eating out = $50

I promise to get my husband to hue closer to these totals!

Who’s more of a foodie spendthrift, you or your partner?

Let’s see how everyone else did!

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