Meatless Monday: Soft Pretzels

The great part of being part of an on-line project with other writers, especially those that write about health and food (some almost exclusively), is you find a ton of great recipes. I want to try them all.

This weekend my goal was to try making soft pretzels. I followed the recipe at Dairy Free Cooking. They came out funny looking — I definitely need to work on my pretzel-folding technique — but they are very tasty. The girls and Dan had some immediately upon coming home from running errands, and then I had to hide them so I could pack them in lunches.

I think the pretzels are going to be popular, and next time I hope the schedule works out that one or both of my girls will be around to help me play with the dough.

And — with apologies to Ashley at Dairy Free — I think these would be stellar with cheese sauce dip. I may have to look into that possibility next time I plan to make these. And maybe eat them as we watch a football game!

What’s a recipe you want to try? And why haven’t you tried it yet? Next up for me is baked oatmeal — which I’ve only just heard of — and I really want to try homemade granola bars. Still looking for a recipe for that one.