Random Thoughts: The Little Known Facts Edition

1. I eat three times before lunch. Usually, not always. My morning eating goes something like this: a 1/4 cup of cereal, then something with my coffee (granola bar, organic toaster pastry), then yogurt or fruit. Then lunch!

Yes, I’m a total pig.

2. My daughters have had meat. I did not give it to them, but I didn’t freak out about it either. They have had chicken nuggets (Kate declared them delicious) and Flora has tried shrimp (with my permission).

3. I am plagued with warts. (I know, gross.) I have a number of them on my hands, and I am constantly using Compound W and band-aids to get rid of them. (I should buy stock.) I also have a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot. I know I should do something about it (because it hurts like a mo-fo sometimes), but I just haven’t.

4. (As per today’s BlogHer prompt): I prefer using a computer to write most of the time. As much as I miss my paper journal and a fountain pen, I pretty much depend on my computer not just for work, but also for writing in general. A pen and paper are better for writing poetry, though. It’s been a while since I wrote a poem. Unless you count this.

5. I hate Terry Gross. Not as a person, but as an interviewer. She seems like a very nice lady; I just despise her questions. Half the time, I’m thinking, “I don’t care!” Also her lead ins: “So, um” “um” um” YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL, TERRY. Knock off the ummming!

And, yes, I still listen to the occasional Fresh Air podcast. I am clearly a masochist.

6. Sometimes, when I am listening to my NPR station on my morning commute, when the local news comes on, I switch over to WDVE for the morning show with Jim Krenn and Randy Baumann. Randy went to school in Erie with Dr. Bro (they graduated the same year), and I have an affinity for Randy because of that. Plus, he’s just damn funny.

7. I used to collect unicorn statues. I find this fact deeply, deeply embarrassing, but I’m telling you anyway. Also, if my parents still have my collection of unicorn statues, I would totally love to give them to Flora and Kate.

And now I’ll open the floor. Do you have any questions for me?

10 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: The Little Known Facts Edition

  1. I can’t think of questions that weren’t answered when we caught up in September, but I have responses to a few of your points.

    1. I also eat multiple breakfasts, but mine are not nearly as healthy as yours.

    4. After doing a few pages of sample dialogue I prefer to do playwriting on the computer. There’s just too much formatting involved. I prefer, however, to journal in books. Part of this is because I’m actually pretty private about most of my thoughts and life, but I could still write on a computer without posting things publicly. The bigger reasons are that I find it more relaxing, after a day of starting at screens, to return to pen and paper. Also, I like the tangible nature of the books. I have 3 on my bedside. For me, I do a line-a-day journal (Even after a lot of time on Twitter it took me a while to get comfortable with that level of brevity, but I love it now). Then, I have a journal in which I write memories of and messages to my son and another for my daughter.

    5.Thank you! I often complain to my husband about what a horrible interviewer Terry Gross is, yet lots of people still love the show. I do listen (mostly to Fresh Air weekend) 1) because I tend to leave the radio on all the time and 2) because she has interesting guests, but her questions drive me nuts. I have a very similar reaction to Q with Jian Ghomeshi. Similarly I end up listening anyway because its on locally right when the kids have gone to bed, and I’m cleaning up the kitchen.

    • 1. I can’t help eating healthfully (healthily?). I think I’m an anomaly when it comes to food; I much prefer eating well and I seldom crave junk food. I have to credit my parents (and my mom in particular) because healthy foods were just the norm. And not like hippie foods like wheat germ. For every bag of potato chips or package of oreos in the house, we also had fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks like yogurt all the time. Also, nothing was (so to speak) rammed down our throats. Mealtime wasn’t a lecture on good-for-you-food.

      Anyway, I’m weird. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. RE: No 6.
    a) Therefore Randy has zero yinzer cred.
    b) Radio in Pgh is just awful. Get Stitcher, TuneIn and Slacker on your phone and you’ll never look back.
    (just my 2ยข)


    • a) I don’t listen for his yinzer cred, I listen because he makes me laugh.


      I agree radio in pgh is awful. I listen to essential public radio (need to renew my membership, I think) and I’m glad they’ve switched to an all-news/talk format. I hated when it played jazz.

      Are those services paid subscriptions? Just curious, and too lazy to look right now.

  3. When Randy was absent a year or two ago, I stopped listening. DVE became that bad, even though the trio together is funny. Even after his much-welcomed return, I hardly ever come back; I just got used to other (though not so much funny) stations.

    Although I too prefer the computer to write, my paper journals are where I pretty much bare my soul. Here’s hoping I either destroy my journals before the kid gets old enough to be interested or my kid just never cares enough to read them.

    I am all about two meals before lunch. Three if you count whatever chocolate I manage to consume before noon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Computers are the the best thing to ever happen to my writing. The mere ability to edit onscreen was revolutionary to me.

    Of course, my handwriting ability has deteriorated to random hieroglyphics. I don’t think I’m capable any longer, of writing anything in cursive besides my name.

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