Random Thoughts: The Little Known Facts Edition

1. I eat three times before lunch. Usually, not always. My morning eating goes something like this: a 1/4 cup of cereal, then something with my coffee (granola bar, organic toaster pastry), then yogurt or fruit. Then lunch!

Yes, I’m a total pig.

2. My daughters have had meat. I did not give it to them, but I didn’t freak out about it either. They have had chicken nuggets (Kate declared them delicious) and Flora has tried shrimp (with my permission).

3. I am plagued with warts. (I know, gross.) I have a number of them on my hands, and I am constantly using Compound W and band-aids to get rid of them. (I should buy stock.) I also have a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot. I know I should do something about it (because it hurts like a mo-fo sometimes), but I just haven’t.

4. (As per today’s BlogHer prompt): I prefer using a computer to write most of the time. As much as I miss my paper journal and a fountain pen, I pretty much depend on my computer not just for work, but also for writing in general. A pen and paper are better for writing poetry, though. It’s been a while since I wrote a poem. Unless you count this.

5. I hate Terry Gross. Not as a person, but as an interviewer. She seems like a very nice lady; I just despise her questions. Half the time, I’m thinking, “I don’t care!” Also her lead ins: “So, um” “um” um” YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL, TERRY. Knock off the ummming!

And, yes, I still listen to the occasional Fresh Air podcast. I am clearly a masochist.

6. Sometimes, when I am listening to my NPR station on my morning commute, when the local news comes on, I switch over to WDVE for the morning show with Jim Krenn and Randy Baumann. Randy went to school in Erie with Dr. Bro (they graduated the same year), and I have an affinity for Randy because of that. Plus, he’s just damn funny.

7. I used to collect unicorn statues. I find this fact deeply, deeply embarrassing, but I’m telling you anyway. Also, if my parents still have my collection of unicorn statues, I would totally love to give them to Flora and Kate.

And now I’ll open the floor. Do you have any questions for me?