Project: Food Budget Week 5

Food Budget Piggybank

Ooph. We went sailing right over the budget this week. We even went over on formula because my DCL (Day Care Lady, if you are new to the site) needed more.

Grocery budget = $125
Actual spent = $169.70
This overspending was the result of poor menu planning and a half-assed list. I’m actually not doing well on the menu-planning end of things. Which is disappointing because it’s one of my stated goals for this project.

Formula budget = $25
Actual spent = $51.99

Costco budget = $100
Actual spent = $120.61

Actual spent on eating out = $24.18 (this is a good amount; proud of Dan — kids I didn’t eat out this week)

Over budget by a total of $92.30

What I made in my kitchen this week:

Creamy carrot soup — a total experiment; next time, I’m going to use less broth, and possibly more cream; it was tasty but thin.
“Quick” Eggplant parmesan — Read “lazy” for “quick”. Didn’t work out so well. Next time if I’m being lazy, I will peel the eggplant. Edible, but not really good.
Strawberry and chocolate chip muffins — Very good! I was going to make strawberry banana, but the frozen bananas basically liquified when I thawed them.
Marinara sauce

Next week menu plans:
I volunteered to do some baking for a school event, so we are making two kinds of cookies, one from a tub of dough already purchased, and the other, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies, from scratch.

Pretzels (this will be Sunday’s baking project; for lunches)

I have frozen lentil soup, and frozen sauce, so they will probably come out of the freezer at some point during the week. I also have a crazy busy weekend, so we may order out/eat out at least once. Er, twice actually, as Dan & I already have dinner plans for Saturday (tickets purchased weeks ago, so not part of the budget).

Next week’s goals:
Grocery budget (not including formula): $75
Formula: $25
Eating out: $50

Let’s go see how everyone else did!

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