Down with Blog

I just have to say it.

I hate the word blog. I hate the title “blogger”. I am especially resentful of the mantle of “mommy blogger”.

Can we just go back the word “writer”? If you write online, you’re an online writer. Or an e-writer. I like that.

And when people ask you what you write about, you can tell them.

I write about my kids and my parenting struggles.
I write about food.
I write about books and music and sometimes TV.
I write about stuff I remember.
I write about my still baby.
I am a professional writer, and I get paid for writing copy.
I am an unpaid e-writer. That I do purely for the satisfaction of writing.
I am an unpublished book writer. That I hope to change some day. (The unpublished part, in case you’re wondering.)

I’m a writer.

Nice to meet you.