Random Thoughts: The Vacation Wrap-Up Edition

We all survived vacation travel. The time in Topsail Beach, NC, was all really great if a little hectic (combination of a wedding to participate in/attend, plus traveling with children).

Two things I would do differently as far as travel: We should have rented that minivan, and we should have brought a nanny/babysitter with us. Both would have stretched our resources, but I think the payoffs would have been worth it.

For one, the Cadillac, while a nice ride, really was not spacious enough in the back seat to accommodate our three kids and all their stuff (car seats, diaper bag, bag o’ snacks & drinks, backpack of entertainment, blankets, pillow pets, and stuffed animals). A minivan would have made for less jammed up travel.

For two, bringing a babysitter with us (and we did have one willing and available to travel) would have relieved a lot of evening tension for Dan and me. Having to absent ourselves to put the baby to bed when the rehearsal dinner and wedding were happening was kind of a pain. The night of the wedding, we just pretty much let the girls pass out in front of the TV, and moved them to their beds around 10 p.m. (Vacation parenting at its best!)

I do have to add right here: Dan stepped up like a champ. While I played support for Dr. Sis, he did the bulk of child care without complaint. He fed, supervised, bathed, and put to bed most of the vacation. I think I put Michael to bed the night of the rehearsal dinner, but I may be wrong. I *know* Dan put Michael to bed the night of the wedding. (All events took place at the vacation house rented by my parents.) My SIL K was also a big help, although with four boys of her own, she was busy enough! She managed to get Michael down the first night we were there, and Dan called her the Baby Whisperer the rest of the vacation.

Flora’s favorite thing: Getting a manicure and a pedicure the day before the wedding. (Also, Flora lost TWO teeth on vacation. The Tooth Fairy only made the trip once, though, so here’s hoping the Tooth Fairy remembers to bring a little something for tooth #2 now that we’re home.)

Kate’s favorite thing: All the swimming.

Dan’s second favorite thing: Helping out before the events, such as running for ice and helping set up the bar areas. He loves that kind of stuff.

My favorite thing: Seeing my little sister get married. The smiles on the faces of everyone involved were just the best — from the mother of the groom, to my parents, to all the family and friends. It was so joyous!

Other than that: Much fun, family, and good food. The weather was very cooperative, the kids were well behaved, the wedding ceremony on the beach was beautiful, and the reception was a lot of fun. We all got home in one piece. You can’t really ask for much more.

The only question now is, when are we going to see Dr. Sis and Uncle Dr. Sis again?