Conversations with Kate


“I am making a spider trap. I have to use your bloss*, mommy, sorry. I’ll give it back when I’m done.”

“Do you know why I want to catch a spider, mommy?” No, Kate, why? “Because they are very pretty, and good pets. They have black and white stripes. Well, some of them.”

“There are many different kinds of spiders. There are stingy ones….” And ones that make webs. “Right! Webby ones. Webby spiders and stingy spiders. And that’s all I can think of.”

*bloss = floss



“When I have a puppy, you can’t make me get rid of it. And when I have a puppy, I will feed it and give it water and scoop its poop. And then it will be a dog.

“And when my dog lays an egg…” [silence] “When my dog lays a puppy, I will keep the puppy and you can’t make me get rid of it.”


Remember that time?

“Remember dat time Daddy slowed down and that lady killed that animal?” Yes, Kate. “What was it again?” A groundhog. “Yeah. Daddy slowed his car down, but that lady was in a hurry, and pushed Daddy’s car with her car, and he runned over the groundhog, and it died.”**

**What actually happened: We were on an on-ramp to 79S, and a groundhog was crossing it. Dan slowed down to let it go, and a woman behind him blew by us on the shoulder, killing the groundhog. Dan was pissed.

“Remember dat time we went to dat house with the hamster?” Guinea pig. “Yeah, dat, and it bit Flora? It was just getting to know her!”

“Remember dat time we saw Nonna and Pap-pap?” Up in Erie or at home? “No, dat other place. Remember dat?” Seven Springs? “Yeah, dat. And I shot the rainbow boat?” Yes, I remember that. You won all those tickets. “Yeah. Dat was a great time.”


Hey, Kate, remember that time you ran to me crying, after your preschool orientation? And you couldn’t tell me what was wrong? “I’m just tired,” you said, if you said anything — which, you admitting you are tired is unheard of. And you sat on my lap on the couch, crying and crying, insisting you were tired? And after a good night of sleep (some of it in my bed), you were happy and smiling again, and I said I was glad? And you said, “I was really tired.” And then you looked off to the side, and then back to me again, and you said, “And I was scared. I didn’t know where you were.” And I gave you a big hug?

I am always there, darling. I know I had to stand in line to give your teacher something, and you didn’t see me right away when all the other parents were getting their kids. But I wouldn’t leave you, sweetie. I’m sorry you got scared.

Tell me some more about puppies.

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