Different Sisters

To give you more of an idea of what different sisters* we are, the following is a text exchange between me and Dr. Sis as we were coming into Philadelphia from different directions on Friday.

Me: Where are you?
Sis: We hit traffic. We r 30 miles away. We hit a lot of traffic.
Me: Oh. We are disembarking soon. See you at the hotel, i guess!
Sis: Disembarking?
Me: You know what that means, sweetie?
Sis: Sounds gross.

::blink:: ::blink:: thinking to myself, “What could she possibly mean? —”

Me: That’s disemboweling!
Sis: Oh
Me: Disembark means to get off the bus!
Sis: I know but who says that!
Me: I DO.

*I mean, aside from the fact that I am a foot taller; she is a doctor of chiropractic medicine and I am a writer; and she likes to live near a beach, whereas I like to live near a city. We’re, uh, pretty dissimilar, although both very very pretty.

Are you more like or less like your siblings?

8 thoughts on “Different Sisters

  1. My brother and I are alike in a number of ways. It was funny when I was interviewing for this job about 5 years ago… the interviewer was an old friend of my brother’s. As I was talking to her (and gesturing wildly) she just started laughing, and said, “You know, you look just like your brother when you talk. You have the same expressions and mannerisms.”

    This was news to me… I never noticed that at all. But then I’m not the usually looking at myself during conversations.

    • A guy at the bar looked at Dr. Sis and me, and said, “You guys are obviously sisters.” Dr. Sis and I couldn’t have been more surprised. You have to understand, physically we are different, BUT we do have similar features. I mean, she is darker skinned (she uses a fake tanner, and probably gets some sun as she lives on the beach), has lighter hair than I, darker eyes (hazel v. green) and she’s much shorter. For the longest time, too, I wore my hair VERY short, but now our hair is a similar length. So, you know, people see things from outside that you would probably never notice. 🙂

  2. You’re absolutely both beautiful.

    Thank you so much for inviting me out. I had a great time! (And I still need to figure out what was in that shot.)

    • Oh, thank you. And thanks for coming out! it’s always so fun to meet “tweeps”!

      I know, I haven’t figured it out either. Maybe I’ll take a little time to google it today, and see if anything comes up.

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