Different Sisters

To give you more of an idea of what different sisters* we are, the following is a text exchange between me and Dr. Sis as we were coming into Philadelphia from different directions on Friday.

Me: Where are you?
Sis: We hit traffic. We r 30 miles away. We hit a lot of traffic.
Me: Oh. We are disembarking soon. See you at the hotel, i guess!
Sis: Disembarking?
Me: You know what that means, sweetie?
Sis: Sounds gross.

::blink:: ::blink:: thinking to myself, “What could she possibly mean? —”

Me: That’s disemboweling!
Sis: Oh
Me: Disembark means to get off the bus!
Sis: I know but who says that!
Me: I DO.

*I mean, aside from the fact that I am a foot taller; she is a doctor of chiropractic medicine and I am a writer; and she likes to live near a beach, whereas I like to live near a city. We’re, uh, pretty dissimilar, although both very very pretty.

Are you more like or less like your siblings?